Monday, 5 October 2015

First Day of Global Read Aloud 2015

Today we started reading the book, Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

We listened to 2 chapters.  The first chapter was read by the author to welcome us to the global read aloud.  You may watch the video here.

Throughout this read aloud, we will also be working on reading strategies.  Things like making predictions, visualizing, activating prior knowledge, questioning, retelling and making connections.

Here are some questions to consider when reading the first 2 chapters of Fish in a Tree:

1) At the beginning of the story, we learn that school is painful for Ally and that she doesn’t feel as if she fits in with her peers. When thinking about her class, she says, “Maybe they think I can’t hear their words: Freak. Dumb. Loser” (p. 3).  Why does the author choose words like these to explain how Ally feels?

2) Ally talks about watching a "mind-movie."  What is a "mind-movie"?
3) Describe Ally's mind-movie about Mrs. Hall in chapter 1.
4) Why did Shay and Jessica call Ally, "Alice in Blunderland" ?
5) Why did Ally give Mrs. Hall the card with the yellow flowers?  Why is everyone confused about Ally's gift to Mrs. Hall?
6) Why doesn't Ally tell Mrs. Silver the truth about the "mistaken" card?

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