Monday, 17 October 2016

Global Read Aloud, SSEP contest and more

It is hard to believe we are more than halfway through October and that we have had about one month of learning together as a class.  We have been reading Pax, a novel by Sara Pennypacker as part of out participation in the global read aloud. We are improving our skills at using reading strategies like: visualization, making connections and determining importance.  You can find more details about the book and author here: .  You can find more information about the Global Read Aloud here: .

So far we have had one Mystery Skype with a class in Argentina reading Pax too.  We hope to have discussions with them again in the near future.  Not only does the Mystery Skype enable students to hone their geography skills, but it also encourages us to learn more about students around the world. On Tuesday, October 18 we will try another mystery Skype, I wonder who we will meet?

In addition, we are participating in the District SSEP science contest.  Hopefully one or two teams will have a proposal ready to submit by November 1.  You can find out more details about what we are studying in science by following the link to our Science page on the right.

See the trailer about Pax:

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